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Place a hold on a library book

1. Select the “Student” icon at the top right
2. Click on Destiny
3. Click your school.
4. Log in using your username and password
5. Click the Catalog tab
6. Type in your search term and click on “keyword”, “title”, “author”, “subject” or“series”
7. Click on a title for more information
8. If you want that book, click on the “copies” tab on the right
9. Click on the word “available” to see available copies
10. Click “Add Hold” to reserve it
11. Click "Save" to complete the request
12. Your request will be submitted to the library and you will be contacted when your  book is ready.
13. Physical books should be returned to the blue library within two weeks.

Accessing eBooks

1. Follow Steps 1-5 above
2. Click on Destiny Discover under “eBook Collections”
3. Use the drop down menus to find Indiana and your school
4. Click on Login on the upper right and enter your username/password
5. Scroll down to find our eBook selections. Click either See All or search 
6. Click Checkout when you see something you like.
7. Click on the "X" in the upper left of this window. 
8. This should bring you back to the main Destiny Discover screen.
9. You can access your checkouts by clicking on the 3 bars beside the words “Destiny Discover” in the left corner.
10. eBooks will automatically return in two weeks.