Sponsor Your Student



To support our students and teachers for the 2021-2022 school year, your help is needed!!!  Our “Sponsor Your Student” campaign will be vital to fund the upcoming school year.  These dollars pay for study trips, equipment, books, classroom supplies, guest speakers, and countless more.  The money raised affects each student and classroom and helps to keep Maple Creek the top-rated school we all enjoy. 

Surprisingly, state dollars do not go far enough, sometimes even for books!  One classroom set can easily cost over $500.  Also, we are slowly upgrading and increasing Science Laboratory equipment.  A project costing over $6,000.  This improvement will allow your student to have a more interactive and productive time in the lab!  As our enrollment grows, keeping up with these needs becomes even more important. Tax dollars do not keep pace with our robust growth.

This year we would like to encourage a donation of at least $20 towards each student.  This donation is tax deductible and goes directly into the classrooms.  Donations can be made at the PTO table at registration or turned in at the office.  You can also make your donation via Paypal at https://paypal.me/sponsoryourstudent If we all give, we can really make a huge impact on the year ahead, so please support our amazing school by making a “Sponsor Your Student” donation.

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Maple Creek Middle School PTO

Linda Lockman, President 

2021-22 PTO Registration Form Sponsor your student.pdf