About the Coaches

 Name Email address
Athletic Director Scott Bushong                             [email protected]             
Athletic Secretary                                         Molly Abbott [email protected]
  Fall Season  
Cheerleading Cami Gardiner [email protected]
Boys Cross Country Quinn Ruich Quinn.Ruich[email protected]
Girls Cross Country  Kim Mitchell [email protected]
7th Grade Football Josh Valadez [email protected]
8th Grade Football Matt Ousley [email protected]
7th Grade Volleyball    
8th Grade Volleyball Scott Bushong [email protected]
   Winter Season  
 7th Grade Girls Basketball  John Lauck  [email protected]
8th Grade Girls Basketball  Josiah Sovine  [email protected]
 7th Grade Boys Basketball Chris Etter [email protected]
8th Grade Boys Basketball Blake Oliphant  [email protected]
Wrestling Scott Raypole [email protected]
Swim and Dive John Holzhauser [email protected]
   Spring Season  
Boys Soccer Zack England [email protected]
Girls Soccer Daniel Smead [email protected]
Boys Track Josiah Sovine [email protected]
 Girls Track Jessica Keller  [email protected]