Extra-Curricular Activities

STUDENT COUNCIL: students do school and community activities. Comprised of 6th, 7th & 8th grade students. Meets all year long on Fridays after school. Students are chosen based on written essay, applications. Sponsor: Mrs. Etter

NEWSPAPER: students write articles for the school newspaper. Comprised of 6th, 7th & 8th grade students. Meets all year long every Mondays after school. Students chosen based on written application. Sponsor: Mrs. Roush

YEARBOOK: Students work to design the yearbook for the school year. Will work on an online program to create/design pages with pictures to capture the "life and activities of a middle schooler." They meet throughout the year on days/times TBD. Students chosen based on written application. Sponsor: Mrs. Rowland

ROBOTICS TEAM: The groups spends several weeks programming a Lego Mindstorms Robot and preparing a presentation about a real world problem. The hard work of the group culminates in a competition against several other local groups that have been working with the same set of criteria. Meets September - November on Mondays & Wednesdays after school. Try-Out/Application Process. Sponsor: Mr. Harrison & Mrs. Connor

CHESS CLUB: Meets February - May on Wednesdays after school. Everyone Welcome! Sponsors: Mr. Toler & Mrs. Conner

ACADEMIC SUPER BOWL: Yearly statewide academic competition where students study a specific topic and then in teams answer questions about science, social studies, math & English. Meets January - April on days/times TBD. Based on applications/teacher recommendations. Sponsors: Ms. Moser & Miss Vernasco

DRAMA CLUB: DRAMA CLUB: Students participate in a short play. Plays can be dramatic or comical. Students are also able to participate off stage as crew members. Students must audition to participate. Practice for the fall play is mid-September-December. Practice for the spring play is March through May. Practice is after school usually 3- 4 days/week. Sponsor: Mr. Teeple

SCIENCE FAIR: Activate your scientific juices as we research, plan and construct science experiments. In this club, students will have the opportunity to complete some fun basic experiments, research project ideas and test their own ideas with their own experiments. The students will then have the opportunity to show off their experiments at the Maple Creek Science Fair at the end of February (TBA). The winners of the MCMS Science Fair will then have the opportunity to participate in the Regional Science Fair at IPFW in March. Sponsor: Mrs. Harding

SPELL BOWL: Yearly statewide academic competition where students study a list of words and compete at Indian Springs Middle School in early November. It is similar to a spelling bee, however, students do not orally spell the words out. They sit at a desk with a proctor and have to spell the words that are given to them in a sentence. Practices are held in the mornings from 8:00 - 8:30 on Fridays during the months of September-November. Sponsor: Mr. Bushong & Mr. Motz

SPELLING BEE: Yearly school competition with opportunity for state and national advancement. No meetings, only competition which often is held in the fall. Anyone can participate. Sponsor: Mr. Toler

MC ISLANDERS: students form a steel drum ensemble that meets all year on Tuesdays & Thursdays after school. Students must try-out to participate and be current members of band or choir. Sponsor: Ms. Miller

PEP BAND: students participate in a band that plays at basketball games. Meets Wednesdays September through November and Tuesdays & Thursdays November - January. Student must be in band to participate. Sponsor: Ms. Miller

MC SINGERS: The MC Singers are a Middle School Show Choir which meets during the school day and periodically after school all year. The MC Singers create 2 different shows consisting of singing 3 part harmony and choreography throughout the year. The group also performs at various concerts and contests throughout the year. Students must try-out to participate in the MC Singers. Sponsor: Mr. Teeple